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2016-09-13 01:19:36

Premier Mountain Rentals would like to thank you for choosing our company to accommodate your vacation needs during your stay. The following are a few guidelines that will facilitate the most enjoyable stay possible.

Check-In and Check-Out times and maximum number of occupants are to be strictly enforced unless special arrangements are made with the agency.

NOTE: While we try to keep the doors open for you as long as possible, sometimes we have to get out and enjoy these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains too, but please note that we have a representative on call Saturdays and Sundays if doors happen to be closed.

Check-in Time

Check-in time is after 4 PM. Please be aware that some larger homes take a little longer to prepare for you. We always make every effort to have your home ready for you as quickly as possible so-as to not intrude on your check-in time.

Check-out Time

Check-out time is no later than 11 AM There are no exceptions. We must have ample time to prepare the unit for the next guest. Keys must be returned to the office upon check-out to guarantee a full refund of the security deposit or extra charges. Guests not checked out on time will be charged one day's rent plus all applicable taxes. Sorry, no refunds for early check-out as the days you have booked may have taken away from the home owner being able to book the home on those dates..

If you have special requirements such as particular bed sizes, T.V., air conditioning, pets, etc. it is your responsibility to request those amenities. Please make no assumptions concerning any rental home. Always ask a representative to verify all information. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the rental home you are interested in.


The phone number to your unit is located on the directions sheet if there is a land-line phone in the unit. Most units have long distance blockage and require long distance calling card or credit card. Please do NOT attempt to make any long distance calls as this is in violation of the rental agreement you will be signing. Any long distance calls attempted will be charged an additional $20 service charge as well as the charge for the call itself.


In the event of an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, you may call the emergency number that will be provided to you upon your arrival.


Trash drop-off points are provided to you with full instructions and directions on how to dispose of your trash. We have a trash dumpster right here at the office in Young Harris Georgia for your convenience. In most cases, you are only minutes away from our trash drop-off.

Basic Shopping

We provide directions to our local Walmart and Grocery Stores in the area as well as local trash stations in each packet.

Items You Will Need To Bring

All paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, plates)
Soaps (Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Laundry Soap, Bath Soap, Hand Soap)
Trash Bags, Foils, Baggies, etc.
Firewood (if applicable) NOTE: As a courtesy to our guests, we do supply firewood for sale

Units are initially stocked with a small amount of paper products, so if you run out during your stay you are responsible for purchasing more. Owners do not provide additional items, however, many times the previous guest will leave these items behind as a courtesy to the following guests. If the items are in the home upon your arrival you are welcome to use them.

All homes are stocked with linens for beds and bathrooms. Other items provided for you include: pots, pans, dishes. All homes are equipped with washer & dryer. Note: Some guests suffer from various allergies or simply prefer to use their own linens and/or pillows. You are more than welcome to bring any of those items with you, and feel free to make use of the washer and dryer to clean your linens for your trip home.

Emergency Contact: Jon Crisler: 706.538.7017

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